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Here you'll find helpful videos and resources to expand your understanding of terms and therapy practices that you might be curious about.  Sometimes, as a therapist, I or another therapist might frequently use a term during a counseling session that is unfamiliar to you.  If you don't see something here that you might be interested in knowing more about, please feel free to click the chat button and I'll get back to you.

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Imago Dialogue

With practice, and used in the spirit in which it was intended, this simple tool created by Barbara J Reichlin, MA, LMFT, LPC, can give you a way to actually sit down and talk about your issues, (even difficult ones), with a high degree of confidence that you and your partner will each leave that discussion feeling better heard and understood than when you began.  
It is from this sense of renewed mutual understanding and empathy that leads partners to feel re-connected – this, in turn, opens the door to mutual and effective problem solving.

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What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing has been found to effectively treat trauma as well as other mood and anxiety disorders including depression, phobias, and panic disorders.

Tapping is another practice used with EMDR.  In my practice, I use a small tapping device (Theratapper) that is less intrusive than touching as this can be a trigger for some who have experienced trauma.  It also allows for more convenience and flexibility in treatment as the speed, intensity and frequency can all be adjusted.

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Understanding Attachment Styles

Attachment Affects Relationship w/ Self and Others

Attachment styles are usually a blend of the various styles.  Our style can evolve and change as we become more aware, and engage in relationships that are gentle and make space for us to grow.  

A therapeutic relationship is an example of this kind of relationship where you can show up how you need to, with openness and acceptance.

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You & Your Attachment Style

Discover Your Attachment Strengths

This is a great video that highlights the challenges of our attachment style and  our STRENGTHS.  

Well worth the listen!

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