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Biker Life #findingyourtribe #belonging

A few years back I decided to get a motorcycle license. While I was happy to putter around on my scooter, a friend insisted I’d enjoy a motorcycle more and gifted me a hand me down bike with a flaming skull on the side (I can’t make this stuff up). So, I joined the ranks of the biker community (no joke).

It was an interesting and new phenomenon as I rode along, not exactly confident that I could even hold the weight of the bike at a stop, I noticed that I somehow belonged. Motorcyclists have this thing they do…arm extended in a relaxed position toward the ground, they give a casual nod of sorts by slightly raising their fingers as they pass.

I’ve found this same camaraderie as I’ve ridden with jeep owners…yes, it’s a thing.

What it communicates to me is that we all want a sense of belonging and that it feels good to find a tribe. I still have my motorcycle license, but feel like I’m much more of a cyclist than a biker babe, so not exactly my tribe but there’s a sweetness to a casual nod nonetheless.

It may take a bit of time to find your tribe. Pay attention to your nature and true passion. If I fit in anywhere, it’s with my introverted homies; which is an irony in and of itself as most of us find ourselves cocooning alone.

Be aware of your hurdles and if it’s important enough to you, you’ll find a way in your own time. Engage your passions, and you’ll likely find your tribe. If you’re an introvert, link up with some extroverts that you delight in, they will help you develop a community. Then you can enjoy your alone time and dip in and out of a quiet conversation and group activity.

It is possible for two worlds to blend. I was cycling the other day and a motorcyclist gave me the nod, I couldn’t help but smile…I was absolutely charmed.

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