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Expert at Imperfect #bekindtoyourself

One of the things I can say that I’ve done consistently well is make mistakes.

I’ve said the wrong thing at a friendly gathering.

I’ve disappointed family members with my choices.

I’ve chosen the wrong watermelon…is it a hollow sound or a thud you’re listening for ~ I can never remember.

Parenting has been no different. And if you’re not a parent fill in the gap:

Friendships, relationships, an employee, business owner etc. We are all experts at being imperfect.

The one solace is that we can always find something we’ve done well in the midst of all of the imperfection.

I can remember rushing out the door one misty morning with four kiddos under the age of five. I had a double-stroller packed full of children, no car, and running late for an appointment. Three were stuffed in the bottom and one was balancing precariously on the canopy above as I raced down the hill in the small village we resided in at the time.

If it was like any other day there was a lot that happened that morning in trying to get on our way. Likely a lost shoe, lots of bickering, raised voices, spilled milk, tears…and that was just me.

Life was messy, but life was happening with all of its beauty and imperfection.

As we were bopping down the hill, quite certain that one of the littles might very well fly right out of the stroller, I caught a blip of red out of the corner of my eye amidst the rocks and mud. I couldn’t help but slow just a little, then gasp and stop in my tracks.

The stroller slid to a halt, children jolting forward, narrowly grabbing the one on the upper deck by the hem of their shirt before nearly toppling over, “Guys, look at that!” I pointed at the ground and they peered over the edge to see what was so important that they would likely have their first case of whiplash before making it to elementary.

There on the dewy ground was one single green plant with a bright red strawberry peeking out from under its leaf.

The kiddos “oooo’d” and “awed”. We were all amazed at this unexpected bit of beauty amongst the moss and sludge.

We were inevitably late for our appointment and spattered with mud, but there was one thing I managed to do well…I was able to take in a beautiful moment and create a lasting memory.

When life seems unmanageable and imperfect with all of its chaos and miss-steps, notice the one thing you are doing well even if it’s just that you got out of bed or brushed your teeth.


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