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Intensity of the Gaze #uncovering-the-unconscious

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

I awoke this morning to hazy imagery of a bird soaring across hues of golden sky swallowing the early morning sunrise. Below were thick groupings of red fir cradling still water, and the shadow of the winged beauty gliding across the glass, reflecting her movements back up to me.

I thought about that shadow…way down below and wondered what the shadow might see if it had eyes like the bird soaring high above, and how different their views would be.

Have you ever had that same felt sense of being so close to something or someone that your vision began to blur?

Maybe it’s just a sign that I need to renew my eye-glass prescription…

Or maybe considering both views: close up and from a distance are essential to having a fuller picture. Close up we can see many details we might otherwise miss and from a distant gaze we are able to capture the essence through a wider lens.

Uncovering the unconscious is much like taking flight high above and then zooming in close to the details reflected back to us. Even then the perspective has the potential of shifting and changing in that the picture moves a little slower when we are at a distance whereas flying close to the ground the earth and trees become blurred.

So maybe the key is to fly both near and far, while also taking time to sit and rest, allowing ourselves the opportunity to more fully absorb the details.

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