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Mind Hive #over-thinking

Like a bee-hive, our minds can buzz around with so many thoughts that it may feel a bit maddening at times. This seeming swarm of unruly bees may need to be calmed at times; however, our thoughts are so much more than noise screaming to be quieted.

What if we consider our thoughts, like the buzzing of bees to have a purpose. That those bees are not just a low hum of warning we are about to be stung, but a sign that something wonderful and organic is taking place. Where there is a colony of bees, there is honey.

What if we were to allow the hum to flow from our minds onto paper…to journal our thoughts?

Journaling can be anything you want it to be. I’ve had moments of drawing squiggles in my journal and let that be it for the day. It’s your space to write or not write.

Here are some of the different flavors of honey that our thoughts can produce:

· Record-Keeping – for you, for your children, for others who want to remember

· Reviewing Your Life – you can notice the areas of growth and the surprising realization that more good or success has unfolded than you imagined

· Increase in Clarity – helpful with decluttering your mind

· Understanding Self – opportunity to recognize patterns of strength and areas of continued growth

· Mental Expansion – making space for new thought, focused intention and increased brain dexterity

· Enhanced Intuition – becoming more self-aware and developing trust with your inner voice

· Unencumbered Outlet – this is a space for you to explore freely, express unhindered, feel with carefree abandon

Try viewing your thoughts as productive bee’s that can produce varying shades of amber with many different flavors, and allow them to flow onto paper for you to jar up and return to as you please…to taste, to give away, or to put on the shelf for another day or season.

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