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Pleasure of Binge-eating #allthefeels

There are many things we can consume with such voracity we neither have time to think or feel because we are focused on our appetite: Netflix, Shopping, Sex, a Love Interest, Food, Exercise, Work etc.

Sitting on the couch…click, click, clicking through Amazon on a mission for that one thing you desperately need or maybe just browsing. They make it easier than ever now. Whether you are on Tinder, Amazon, or Grubhub, with one quick swipe there is the potential of having something or someone at your door in a relatively timely manner.

Even without the actual embodiment of food, exercise, or an other we can spend hours having our visual appetite both enticed and somewhat fulfilled with videos and ‘pics’ on Instagram.

“But its Covid, we righteously declare!”

Yes, we have more rationale than ever now to binge, but…

What if we were to simply notice? What if we were to get curious about the times we reach for our phone, laptop, or remote control? What if we were to ask ourselves, “What is it that I was so afraid of today?” or “What choice was it that I didn’t want to make?”.

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