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Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Whether you like to hang out in nature or not, there is so much for us to take in.

We often spend our days imagining what we are supposed to be. When the truth is, we can only be right where we are.

We don’t criticize an apple seed for being just a seed shouting, “Why aren’t you bearing fruit?!”.

We know that would be unfair, so why do we chastise ourselves for the stage of growth we are in?

Whether we want to be there or not, that is our truth…our reality. All of the criticism and self- doubt in the world will not get us to grow any faster.

Like seasons, we are changing organically, and each stage is an important and necessary part of our personal growth.

Apple trees know when to grow, when to produce, and when to rest. There is much for us to glean from this truth.

The seasons of life naturally move us into these areas of personal growth due to inclement weather that we cannot control. The storms and heavy winds that develop strength and flexibility seem more obvious, whereas the harsh winters of personal loss can seem unbearable and pointless because we are dormant and fruitless.

Each stage has an element of growing pain. Even the stages of nature that seem beautiful and delicate to our naked eye. When we consider the force it takes for a sprout to push its way through the soil, or blossoms to unfold; we recognize that even the moments of wonder and celebration require effort.

Blossoming in life requires movement, being still, and sometimes sitting in sh- -…fertilizer.

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