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What's Your Story?

As kiddos head back to school during these unprecedented times I’m reminded of the before. The nostalgia of childhood of buying new school supplies…everything a fresh start. The burst of paper smell as you tear the cellophane wrapper from a fresh pack of loose-leaf. The hope of a cool backpack and bright markers. Your first day of school outfit that is meant to tell the world who you are and where you want to fit in.

Our kiddos, at this time, will have a story like no other. When they say, “you just don’t get it” they are absolutely right. We have no idea what it’s like for them to enter into another school year in a virtual world at their ages.

In reality, none of us can fully grasp the story of another because you are you and no one else. Your experience is like no other. While some may have an idea of what it’s like to be raised in a certain time, socio-economic group, environment, family unit, there are nuances that we cannot fully grasp.

Your story is unique to you. Your pages have been written to this point, and it’s up to you decide what happens next. Even within certain confines, we decide how we want to show up.

What story will you write for yourself?

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