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Where do you find your power?

Music is one of those things that is meant to move you…notes tangled in your hair, dancing and dripping down your skin like a summer rain. Sometimes you can smell the music in the air as it takes you back to another time or place…taste the goodness, the pain, the longing.

What else is like that in your life? What engages you in a way that feels euphoric and powerful?

There are things in life that happen, where we can feel a sense of powerlessness…things that happen outside of our control. Our sense of strength can be chipped away with such guile we nary take note.

Like music in a movie, we are moved without realizing why. Try watching a movie, if even for a few moments with the sound off, and notice how hollow the experience rings.

We can be moved one way or the other with more intention when we tune in.

Tune in to your experiences,…to yourself. Pay attention to how your body feels…the flutter in your chest, the rush of adrenaline, the tension in your shoulders, your eyes lighting up. All of this is your body communicating with you…there is synergy. We often think of the discomfort of anxiety or the heaviness of depression as our enemy, rather than our helpful body communicating with us. When we practice honoring ourselves by listening, we allow our bodies to help us know our next steps.

The moment you feel the sensation, get curious.

In the same way, music scoops us up on wings that soar to incredible heights, or drops us low to the ground, notice when you are doing an activity where you feel your own strength, and do more of it.

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 Tammie C Knight, LCSW
Tammie C Knight, LCSW

Thank you for sharing your experience and thought provoking responses. The idea of vibration seems on point and is giving me pause for thought.



Music plays a unique role. The thing that comes closest to me is everything natural-- rain, birds, wind, etc. But music can sing to our soul. Lots about vibration, I think.

And power for me is primarily in my intuition (and also felt sense in the body -- very similar but not exactly the same.) Intuition has been stronger at some times in my life than others but has always been with me. And is becoming stronger and stronger. It is most often a body sensation but has also taken a few other forms. Felt sense in the body is my guide.

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