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You Are More Than Enough #love-of-self

Learning to love yourself is like building an internal oasis and relaxing into who you are.

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal oasis.

Would it be in peaceful solitude or surrounded by caring others?

Would it have a waterfall or white sands?

Would it have lush plant life or open skies?

Would there be fragrant flowers or warm, soft creatures?

Would there be the freshness of rain or the sun shining high above the clouds?

Would there be a refreshing chilled beverage or something that warms you from within?

Would you sway on a hammock in the breeze or be tucked away on a cushioned window seat?

Would there be the soothing sound of waves or music notes that feel like fingers running through your hair?

These beautiful spaces you create in your mind can speak to what feeds your soul. What do you notice about how, what, and where you imagine your internal oasis?

Maybe it flows from one ideal to another and you are able to notice that you are a person who invites variety, creativity, and adventure.

Maybe you notice that you need the firmness of earth or concrete beneath your feet to feel steady and self-assured within consistency and structure.

Maybe you notice you need firm borders set up between you and others until you develop a stronger sense of self and are able to move within the flow of yes’ and no’s confidently inviting others to come close and escorting them out when you need rest or distance.

Loving ourselves is less about what we “do” and more about embracing self just as we are, wherever we may be on our journey. Taking time to notice how we show up in the oasis of our own inner space gives us peaceful practice in self-discovery. Then, when we are in the world interacting with other’s we will more easily and readily recognize what we do and do not want to include in our external oasis. We gain a greater sense of making life happen, rather than life happening to us. We will develop more awareness and felt sense of choosing what we are cultivating through relationships, and life choices

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