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I Feel Small #hope #you-are-a-gift

This morning I learned of a young boy who spent his short life living with a rare form of muscular dystrophy and the reality of his three siblings dying from the same condition. This young boy by the name of Mattie J. T. Stepanek shared what he called his heart song in the form of poetry.

His work centered around ‘sustaining hope when your life and your world challenge you’.

This one human made an imprint on the world. I felt so small reading about Mattie, but not in the way one might imagine. This young and beautiful soul touched humanity with his poetry, and I thought how true.

How true it is that we are all contributing to the energy of this world, no matter how small.

Whatever small way we give into the lives of those around us, even if it is a polite hello, a smile to a passerby (even w/ a mask, our eyes glimmer and our energy is felt), an opening of a door to allow a stranger in first, a kind word, a moment of understanding, an offering of patience ~ these gifts contribute to the world in a big way.

When we all show up with a kind and thoughtful contribution here and there, we are affecting the world with our small selves and that is a beautiful thing.

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