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Fear #fear-part-two #breakingfree #hope

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

First things first, you'll never be completely free from fear. Fear is an essential part of being human. Fear/anxiety alert us to harm, and can activate chemicals in our body that help us carry out tasks. It can act as a kind of internal energy boost.

You decide how and when you want to shift an area of fear that isn't serving you well and doesn't feel good as you navigate life.

But how?

Let's imagine for a moment unhelpful fears as chains that have you bound, and label the links in the chain with unhelpful thoughts. Why? Because fear is an emotion, and our emotions need thoughts to attach themselves to.

We have hundreds of thousands of thoughts a day, so with each unhelpful thought, you can imagine how quickly these individual thoughts link together, creating a chain of fear.

Now imagine yourself with a heavy duty chain cutter, cutting (disrupting) an unhelpful thought link with a more helpful thought...a truth that makes sense to you.

Let's try one on together:

Unhelpful Thought Link: "I'll never be able to get out of debt."

You, now wielding a Heavy Duty Chain Cutter: "I can come up with a plan to steadily trim down my debt. It will likely take a while and will be a challenge, but it is possible."

When the unhelpful thought comes around thoughts tend to do, you come at it with another cut (disruption): "Maybe I can look into debt consolidation.", and another "I'll cut up or ask someone to hold onto my credit cards until I have them paid off.", and another, and another etc.

I'm not going to lie to you...its work, and you may break a sweat. The effort you put in will pay off as you see the chain fall to the ground, and find yourself having built a helpful thought muscle you didn't even know was there!

As you continue on in your next steps, you may find yourself tripping over the links scattered around you...let them be a gentle reminder that you have what it takes to break free.

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