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Updated: Sep 28, 2020

As I sat, sipping coffee this morning I considered the charm of Fall with its vibrant leaves in the midst of death. What an interesting contrast…to make dying so beautiful. It’s been a fascination of mine to hear the varying perspectives on the four seasons. I recall asking a friend and her sweet response, “I’ve always liked Spring, and the promise it brings of warmer weather, outdoors with friends, the fun times, get togethers”.

I watched her stare off into the distance, scrolling through her memories. Taking in her bright eyes and smile was a joy in and of itself, and yet, my perspective is completely opposite.

I love Fall for all of the reasons she doesn’t. I love that the weather gets cooler, and darker. It feels cozy and comforting to me. It affirms my desire to stay home and be creative. There’s not as much pressure to be out and socializing.

What feels like opportunity to one, feels like pressure to another. What feels like hope to one, feels like disappointment to another.

This is not to say that after a long New York winter, and enduring the sludge of Spring as the snow melts that my heart does not absolutely delight in the first daffodil that bursts forth announcing Spring. There is something lovely to take in about every season. Even my friend was able to say she enjoys a cozy fire in winter.

We don’t have to love, enjoy or even like every thing about every season and as the saying goes, “one mans trash is another mans treasure”. That’s okay too.

Just because one is happy in a moment, doesn’t mean you need to be also. And just because another is miserable in a moment, you aren’t obligated to follow suit.

We are all allowed to experience without the pressure of joining others in their misery or joy. Like the Fall leaves bright and vibrant, they are left with the obligation of announcing winter, a season many deplore. Even though they are waning in life, they manage to bring a sense of glory.

Likewise, just because someone has learned to make the most of whatever life has served up, doesn’t mean that it has been easy for them. It’s important not to confuse willful cheer with the idea that one has lived a life of luxury and entitlement. It's hard work to find joy in the midst of pain. How unfair it would be to judge a leaf because it looks so happy as it falls to the ground.

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