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The Magic of a Moment #hope

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

What is it about a child dancing in the rain that makes us all pause for a moment and feel more alive?

At first glance, we can imagine the carefree nature of their spirit…undaunted by self-judgment or the criticisms of the world.

I believe this is certainly part of their freedom,…but if we look closer?

If we look closer, we might see how their faces are turned upward toward the hues of black and gray reflected in the clouds as they delight in the droplets of rain rolling down their pink cheeks. Or the gritty asphalt under their tender feet as the water hits the ground and splashes upward creating little flecks of black and brown on their soft skin from the dirt and grit.

The magic is happening in the dark sky and the grit. Unhindered, they move with what is. They dance because they are fully in the moment. Experiencing all parts at once.

The rough texture of the asphalt is only a part of their experience, it’s not the whole picture. They know the secret of how to move within the softer more welcoming places underneath the dark clouds.

It’s not that their tender feet don’t feel the discomfort of the gritty asphalt, but rather that their focus is on the one thing they have to comfort them through the storm…the cool relief of a summer rain in the midst of a seemingly gloomy day.

We cannot live in this world and not be touched by its sharp edges that cut deep and bruise.

We can look for the people, places and things that offer us some solace as we move through life…the things that feel a little bit softer to the touch and offer even a moment of comfort.

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